(updated 8/21/2017)

Please select one appetizer, soup or salad, one main course, one dessert for group.

Prices include shopping for the ingredients, meal preparation and cooking, setting of the table, serving all meals, washing the dishes, and cleaning of the kitchen.

I look forward to making your Breckenridge experience a memory you will never forget!

Thank You,

PS. Please keep in mind that the menu below is a sample of what I am able to provide. If you have any specific menu items that you would enjoy, please do not hesitate to ask. I am happy to create custom menus for you and your guests.

Please Note: All prices are subject to change depending on cost and availability. Please schedule at least 72 hours ahead of your dining event.

Call us today to schedule your fine dining event - (970) 368-0345.

Appetizers are priced per person and include bread, crackers, tortilla or pita chips and condiments. You may choose up to four different appetizers per day.

Shrimp Cocktail  Served with traditional cocktail sauce and lemon wedges. $12

Beef Carpaccio  Thinly sliced raw beef tenderloin, topped with shredded Asiago cheese, aged balsamic vinegar and arugula salad.  $12 

Baked Brie  Brie cheese wrapped in puff pastry, baked, topped with walnuts, served with raspberry sauce, sliced apples and crackers. $12

Chips and Guacamole  Fresh avocado mixed with diced onion, tomatoes, cilantro, lime, jalapeno, salt and pepper, served with tri-color tortillas chips.  $10

Maryland-Style Crab Cakes Premium crabmeat cakes sautéed and served with aioli sauce and jicama salad.  $14

Beef Tenderloin Medallions Sautéed beef tenderloin tips served with red wine sauce.  $12

Seafood Salad  Shrimp, crab claw, octopus, mussels, calamari mixed with shallots onion, lemon, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, white wine, and fresh dill.  $12

Baby Lobster Tail  4 oz. baby lobster, roasted, served with drawn butter.  $15

Spinach and Artichoke Dip Served with pita chips and crackers.   $10

Beef Sliders Sautéed petite beef patties served on mini rolls buns with caramelized onion and balsamic vinegar reduction. $10

BBQ Baby Back Ribs Pork baby back ribs, glazed with homemade BBQ sauce, roasted in oven, finished on grill. $10

Chicken Teriyaki Skewers Chicken breast strips, marinated in teriyaki sauce, sauteed, and served on wood skewers. $9

Chicken Quesadilla Grilled chicken breast, diced, mixed with four cheese mix, folded in flour tortilla, baked, served with guacamole, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream. $10

"What a Great experience! We used Chef Lubos to prepare a Dinner Service for six people. He showed up promptly at the time he said he would. He did all the Shopping, Preparing, Serving and Cleaning of all dishes and kitchen area. All you have to do is enjoy your Guests and his Fabulous Food. It is truly turn key and it is no more expensive than going to a nice restaurant. Our Guests were truly impressed. I would highly recommend Chef Lubos to anyone that would like to enjoy a 5 Star meal in the convenience of your home. Looking forward to next time."

Jay and Annette

All of our soups are home-made using organic ingredients.

New England Clam Chowder Rich and creamy with tender pieces of potato. $10

French Onion Soup Rich, flavorful beef broth, sweet caramelized onions, and a great melting cheese. $10

Corn Chowder Sweet corn and Yukon potatoes are the basis for this rich and creamy soup. $8

Beef and Vegetable Soup A combination of root vegetables simmered with pieces of beef in a delicious stock. $9

Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup Made with both fresh and dried wild mushrooms, slowly caramelized, in a rich and creamy base. $9

Seafood Chowder With a medley of seafood, this chowder is creamy and full of flavor. $10

Tomato Bisque A luscious and creamy tomato soup. $8

Tomato & Mozzarella Salad  Sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, aged balsamic vinegar reduction, topped with chopped fresh basil.  $12

Wedge Salad  Wedge of iceberg salad served with tomatoes, red onion, blue cheese dressing, topped with crumbled bacon and gorgonzola cheese. $10

Caesar Salad  Hearts of romaine, croutons, Asiago cheese, grape tomatoes, served with traditional Caesar dressing.  $10

Mixed Green Salad  Mixed greens served with balsamic vinegar dressing  $8

Spinach Salad Baby spinach tossed with hard boiled eggs, crumbled bacon, red onion, grape tomatoes and a shallot dressing.  $8

Fillet Mignon 8 oz. beef tenderloin steak grilled, served with demi glace, béarnaise sauce, roasted golden Yukon potatoes and steamed asparagus. $38

Sirloin Steak 8 oz. sirloin steak grilled served with red wine sauce, rosemary red potatoes, grilled yellow squash and zucchini. $30

Pork Tenderloin Medallions Medallions of pork tenderloin seared, served with basmati rice, peppercorn sauce and seasonal mixed vegetable. $30

Whole Roasted Chicken Served half chicken per person (deboned), pan juice gravy, mashed potatoes and vegetable. $30

Chicken Breast Supreme Sautéed chicken breast, topped with creamy wild mushroom sauce served with orzo pasta and French green beans.  $28

Chicken Parmesan Breaded boneless chicken breast served over pasta with marinara sauce. $28

Center Pork Loin Grilled center cut pork loin steak, served with mashed potatoes and grilled zucchini and yellow squash. $30

Chateaubriand Whole Center cut of beef tenderloin, seared and roasted to perfection, served with roasted potatoes, assorted vegetables, side of demi glace and béarnaise sauce. Carved tableside. $40

Rack of Lamb Topped with special crust, pan seared, roasted, served with mint demi glace, roasted potatoes, assorted vegetables. Sliced to individual lamb chops for serving.  $45

Grand Marnier Duck Whole roasted duck, deboned to half duck per serving, double seared for extra crispness, served with Grand Mariner sauce, mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus. $38

Surf and Turf 5 oz. Lobster tail and 6 oz. fillet mignon served with drawn butter, demi glace, béarnaise sauce, Yukon mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus. $50

Tornado's Royal Two petite fillet mignon topped with crabmeat and sautéed shrimp, hollandaise sauce and seared under broiler, served with Yukon mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus. $45

Steak and Shrimp 6 oz. fillet mignon grilled, sautéed shrimp, served with béarnaise sauce, lemon butter sauce, mash potatoes and steamed asparagus. $42

Sockeye Salmon Fillet Seared and roasted wild sockeye salmon served with roasted fingerling potatoes, creamy dill sauce, grilled squash and zucchini.  $30

Sautéed Tilapia Served with lemon butter sauce, roasted Yukon potatoes and sautéed baby carrots and French green beans. $28

Seafood Fettuccini Sautéed mix of seafood with garlic, wine, lemon, parmesan cheese and touch of heavy cream. $30

Spaghetti Bolognese Spaghetti with traditional Bolognese pork and beef and sauce. $28

New York Style Cheesecake Rich and creamy with a heavenly cream cheese flavor. $8

Tiramisu  The classic coffee-flavored custard dessert with mascarpone cheese and cocoa. $8

Chocolate Cake Decadent, moist, and very rich.  $8

Carrot Cake Incredibly moist and topped with a delicious cream cheese frosting. $8

Chocolate Mousse Cake Our chocolate cake base with a cool, smooth, velvety, creamy chocolate mousse. $8

Key Lime Pie  The classic sweet-and-tart flavor with a light but firm filling. $8